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  • LaMar Hasbrouck, MD, MPH

Donald is No Duck

Coronavirus Watch--It could be argued that Americans have excess. Our poor still live better than most of the world despite the economic downturn. It's hard to deny our nation’s relative embarrassment of riches. Ironically, it is our deficit that's led to our undoing during this historic moment. Not a deficit of test kits, ventilators, health workers, or even PPE. I am referring to the most painfully obvious deficit: leadership. The buck stops at the top, always. Trump muzzles scientists, distorts facts, and fakes a new area of expertise every week. So bankrupt as a leader, Trump lacks transparency, diplomacy, empathy, humility, integrity, and accountability, qualities essential for leadership. Clearly, the deficit of accurate, consistent, information emanates from the White House. This is not a partisan issue. As we near 100,000 deaths, imagine our country’s response to this pandemic under President [fill in the blank], republican or democrat. How many tens of thousands of lives would have been spared? They say, "if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, & quacks like a duck, then it is probably a duck." As far as leadership goes, this Donald is no duck.

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