Hello. I'm Dr. LaMar, a "passionary" who's fought long odds, naysayers, and self-doubts to become a successful and accomplished professional. But you would've never predicted my fate based on my humble beginnings. I went from earning Ds and Fs in middle school to earning recognition as a Dean's Scholar at one of the nation's top medical schools, a globetrotting doctor, author, physician-executive and national influencer. My motto is: "Success requires only optimism and a stubborn belief in oneself."


At DLM LLC, we bend the arc of wellness for individuals and communities through authentic leadership, by leveraging executive intelligence and adding voice to the national discourse. Our firm has consulted on issues ranging from health literacy, workforce development, digital health, chronic disease management, medical tourism, and more. In addition, we actively provide mentoring experiences for young people who strive to succeed in the health professions or seek to maximize their human potential in other pursuits.


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