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In my memoir, I share how I came from very humble beginnings, gained admission into the nation's top-ranked public university, almost by chance, and nearly flunked out! Until ... I realized that everything I needed to survive I learned growing up on G Street. 

Sharing my story (and book) with Medical Students at Wayne State University, Detrioit, MI, 2016.


Michael Brunker, Executive Director, Jackie Robinson Family YMCA

San Diego, CA

Since 1943, the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA has served kids in San Diego County's most critical community. G Street Lion tells the story of how one of those kids has made an impact near and far because so many did the same throughout his life.

MIndy Fullilove, MD, MS, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Author, Root Shock

New York, NY

G Street Lion is a moving  celebration of self-discovery and struggle.  Its primary message is hugely timely: we can, indeed, become the best that our dreams promise.

Holly Andersen, MD, Director of Education & Outreach, Ronald Perelman Heart Institute

New York, NY

G Street Lion is a tour de force -- a story of triumph over seemingly insurmountable adversity. He reminds us of what is possible if we dream big and believe in ourselves. 

Reed V. Tuckson, MD, Managing Director, Tuckson Health Connections

Atlanta, GA

It is my great hope that the potential for leadership that lies undiscovered ... in so many of our children will ... be unlocked by exposure to LaMar's story.

Scott Becker, Executive Director, Association of Public Health Laboratories

Washington, DC

This book is a wonderful story of perseverance, believing in oneself, and drive and determination. And sheer guts. Dr. Hasbrouck shares his backstory--I enjoyed reading every minute of it.

Rudolph A. Johnson, III, President & CEO, Neighborhood House Association

San Diego, CA

This powerful story will resonate with anyone who cheers for the underdog or dares to see the potential in humble beginnings.

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